Discover what to look for when searching for a house to flip


Find the best flip by focusing on the areas that impact value the most

Let's Start Now

What should I look at first?

Start with the items that cost the most to replace, repair or change. With the checklist I've included in this program you'll know what to look for and how each potential flip compares when you're deciding.

Identify areas that will save money when it comes to the renovations

A new furnace?  Yes, please.  Finding the new/updated big ticket items in a house is gold.   Knowing what to look for lets you spot these items quickly and add them to the budget or move on.

Know what areas may affect resale

Not every house has the same features.  While everything can be changed there's a cost.  Make sure you know what buyers are looking for and what may be too costly to change.

"Amber knows exactly which renovations add value and even more importantly, how to do them without going over the budget." 

Brandon Anderson

Find Your Flip

With 200+ renovations completed you can be sure that after walking through hundreds of houses I've seen a thing or two.  The most important time to know what to look for is before you buy the house.  After walking through these three properties with me you'll know exactly what I look for and how you can do the same.

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