House Flip Blueprint
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House Flip Blueprint

Welcome to a simple step by step formula to learn how to fix and flip houses.



All the steps you need to flip a house are one place.  No more searching for answers only to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.  Four weeks of training with a new topic each week to help guide you through getting started. 


When it comes to house flipping you have questions and you need someone with real experience.  With more than 10 years in this industry use my experience to develop your own house flipping journey.  Weekly calls will help answer questions and keep your on the right path.

Bonus Information

No successful house flip happens on its own.  That is why I've created additional bonus material to help.  From knowing who to work with and what finishes to select I am here to help you create a flip that is a true standout.  

Module One

Module one is all about what you need to know.  From figuring out "your" personal numbers, knowing what to look for in a house, who you should work with and where to look get ready...we are going all in.  This is all about preparing for your journey and positioning you for success.  

Module Two  Knowing how you are going to purchase your flip and cover the repairs is a key part of the project.  Know your options and the costs associated with each so you can make an informed decision and are ready to submit that offer.

Module Three

No successful flip happens on its own.  You need partners who will help you get to the finish line.  Building a list and knowing what questions to ask is the ultimate way to position yourself for bids as soon as that contract is signed.   

Module Four

Imagine having buyers who are as excited about your project as you are.  When you design spaces that appeal to home buyers, partner with the right agent and check all the boxes when it comes to the details you are going to offer a property that buyer's have been waiting for. 

Is This Course For Me?

Whether you have flipped a house (or houses) before and just didn't get the results you wanted or you are just getting started this course is for you.


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